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The growbutter story


The Origin

After several years at Google, our founder Amy Duong noticed a pattern among the small businesses she worked with: They had massive growth potential but were hindered by their limited resources to engage a seasoned, full-fledged Performance Marketing Team. It was a problem that was hard to ignore.

She then founded Growbutter with a vision of empowering small-to-medium businesses around the world. The goal? To empower these businesses with affordable performance marketing solutions, enabling them to achieve great success, regardless of their hiring constraints.

The Present

As our team and company grew, we began to solve more of the issues these startups face - from crafting an effective performance marketing strategy to bypassing the need for a costly in-house team.

Today, Growbutter has evolved beyond just a provider of performance marketing solutions. We are a dedicated Growth partner for businesses striving to secure growth and success in the digital landscape, without the burden of hiring and maintaining an in-house Growth Marketing team.

Key beliefs driving our work ethic



Taking ownership of our actions and delivering on our promises to clients.



Providing clear and honest communication with clients about campaign performance, results, and strategies.



Placing the needs of clients and their customers at the forefront of our strategies.



Focusing on delivering measurable results and driving business growth for clients.

Key beliefs driving our work ethic

What sets us apart as the perfect partner?

Non-binding Performance Marketing workforce

Seasoned Performance Marketers with proven experience

We create a full-funnel strategy & streamline its seamless execution

Centralised & multi-channel performance analytics dashboard

Flexible payment. Monthly subscription

No long hiring process. No bureaucratic challenges

No junior Performance Marketers. No risk of a misfit hire

No wasted budget on unplanned campaigns

No burdensome reports. No lengthy spreadsheets

No long term commitment. Cancel anytime

Let the data do the talking

Let the data do the talking
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Grow your brand recognition in Europe and beyond

Grow your brand recognition in Europe and beyond
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